The Greatest Captain Returns


We are in the age of revivals lately for classic TV shows that we all loved like X-Files, Lost in Space, and even a good old modern spin on Evil Dead to name a few.

Just a few days ago one of my favorite shows of all time had some very exciting announcements, from the one and only Patrick Stewart!  Yes that’s right, Patrick Stewart announced recently that he will be reprising his role as Jean-Luc Picard in a new Star Trek series for CBS all access.  Needless to say the internet and Trekkies worldwide went bonkers about the news.

Of course, bringing Picard back has a weight to it for the fans and brings huge excitement….it does beg the question of is it a good decision to revise his role?  Most of the modern day remakes lately have had mixed reviews and up’s and downs at best so this move to revise a Star Trek show could fall in to a fate just like these other shows have.  My personal opinion is the show will do well because of the fan base and nostalgia around the Star Trek franchise.  Patrick Stewart has aged well and I’m hoping his return to the screen will be a huge success for the franchise.


When announcing the news at the Star Trek Las Vegas convention, Patrick Stewart said the team hasn’t even started writing scripts for the show yet.  We don’t know much about the show, but what we do know is it will take place 20 years after we last saw Picard.  One of the things I loved about Star Trek the Next Generation was the stories and plot and Stewart will be an executive producer on the new show and will be involved in the story.  Captain Picard was originally introduced to the fans in 1987 which is mind boggling as I was only six when TNG debuted.

The last time we saw Picard on the big screen was in Star Trek: Nemesis so I’m excited to see where the future of Star Trek goes now that Picard is returning.  If you look at the rich history of this franchise it has spawned multiple shows, movies, and a fan base that is massive!  Take Star Trek: Enterprise for example which is set a hundred years before Captain Kirk’s era, or the JJ Abrams reboot which retold Kirk’s origins and early years of a star fleet officer.  Where could they go with this new show…..well the book is basically wide open for any number of stories and directions.

Stewart did mention he is excited to come back and reprise his role and is looking forward to seeing the creative process and working with the teams again.  I wonder who else we will see return on this new adventure? Will we see any other old familiar faces make appearances or any cameos in the show….or will we see a whole new cast?  I’m truly excited about this new venture into the Star Trek franchise and I do hope we get to see the deck of the Enterprise one more time!


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