Marvel Studios: Black Panther – Hitting Theaters February 2018

v006q4ynkmbxcdfqo7fjBlack Panther is one of the upcoming phase 3 movies that Marvel has revealed they are very excited about.  Looks like the fans will be getting there first official taste of the Black Panther trailer that will be releasing this summer.  Marvel has a pretty big year ahead of them as they will also be at the Disney D23 Expo, and San Diego Comic-Con showing off new projects.

If you all don’t know much about the Black Panther then check out the quick history run through from Variant Comics as they do a fantastic job.

From what we know so far the story of Black Panther will chronicle T’Challa finding balance between being a man, soldier, politician, and the soon to be responsibility of becoming the king of Wakanda.  The movie will look to take place very close to the events that happened in Captain America: Civil War.

One thing I would like to see from the movie is paying tribute to the history and past of the Black Panther, as he comes from a world us fans have never seen on screen before. Marvel could take this movie so many different directions as this will be the first time we get a real glimpse into the full life of this character.  We did get a small little nibble of who they were creating the Black Panther to be in Civil War, but for most fans it wasn’t enough and it just left them wanting more.

Overall, the Black Panther is a Marvel superhero that has always intrigued me and many others.  Personally I can’t wait for the movie to release and knowing the fact that we have to wait until summer to see the trailer just makes it that much harder to wait.  This movie I think will set a new stage for Marvel to begin explorations deeper into the Marvel universe and begin expanding characters that we all grew up with and love even today.  Black Panther hits theaters February 2018 which seems like an eternity away, but here’s to hoping for great things!


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