Nintendo Might Be Adding VR To The SWITCH

What’s going on guys…I don’t know about you but I am freaking pumped about the Nintendo Switch! I haven’t been able to say that about Nintendo for a lot of years now as I was not a Wii fan and they lost me as a customer long before that came out.  But…..the Switch looks amazing, and the features that Nintendo is promising to deliver have me hooked.  I am somewhat a skeptic when Nintendo says they are going to deliver on something nowadays though as they have failed quite badly in the past.

So the latest news on the Switch is that Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has explained that the company will add VR support to its upcoming Switch console if it can resolve issues of comfort over long periods of use.  VR on a device like this honestly would be mind blowing awesome!  WE shall see what they do though, as the company is researching / working on how to implement virtual reality into the Switch but have some pretty big concerns on the process.  This part doesn’t sound promising, but like I said we shall see what they do.  They did say that if they are able to resolve the issues with playing “VR” comfortably for long periods that they would support the feature in some form or another.  “Some Form Or Another” from Nintendo is not very reassuring that we would be getting a solid preforming device.  I hope they stick to the basics here and don’t try to overextend and deliver a hybrid gaming device that tanks.

The Switch Super Bowl Teaser – 

Looking back over the last few years at VR and some of the things it’s brought with it are hopefully things Nintendo will weigh heavily before implementing such a thing.  VR can suffer from a number of comfort-related issues, including simulated movement nausea, eye strain and the weight of headsets can cause quite the headache over time.  Their are a lot of factors to weigh in on technology like this, and to have a hybrid gaming console, tablet, and VR system all in one….. Too Much?!?! Or is this just a step into the future of where gaming is going?

Nintendo has played around with VR in the past, and the creator of Mario even explained that they have the “base foundation technology” of VR and they continue to research it. Apparently Nintendo even went as far as to patent a VR headset that the base of the switch tablet could slot.  We won’t see The Switch arrive until March 3rd of this year and I’m really hoping to get my hands on one.  Very unlikely as I’m sure they will be sold like hot cakes….but here’s to hoping.


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