Stranger Things Season 2 – Who’s Coming Back?


Are you a Stranger Things fan?

I am a huge fan of this show as it’s quite a throwback to the famous movies and shows us 80’s kids grew up with.

Stranger Things season 2 was kicked into gear for production with a lovely new cast photo.

This image was originally released on social media, which contains most of the main cast from the first season.  What I loved about this photo is it also confirmed that Millie Bobbie Brown is back as Eleven.  She was probably my favorite character in the show so super happy she is returning.


Along with the original returning cast, there are four new characters coming to season 2. One of those new characters is going to star in the remake of the Power Rangers which looks fantastic as well.

Now the creators of the show put a list of 6 things that we can potentially see in season 2.

  1. Season 2 will be much weirder and much darker!
  2. It will have another self contained plot!
  3. Remember Barb – well the producers said she will have justice in season 2!
  4. Unfolding of Nancy’s little love triangle with Steve and Jonathan!
  5. Dustin will have all the pudding – If you remember in the end of season 1, Dustin found a stash of pudding in the school!
  6. The show has a future and it won’t end with Season 2 but Season 2 will tie up quite a few loose ends!

Season 2 Teaser Trailer


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    1. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the new episodes!!!!! Super excited


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