Destiny: Wrath of the Machine – Hard Mode Coming Soon

destiny-newsDestiny‘s latest challenge is just around the corner as Bungie reveals what Rise of Iron has in plan for the new Wrath of the Machine raid.

A ton of guardians have been busy playing Iron Banner this week, along with all of the other mass content released with Rise of Iron.  I’ve yet to play the new raid “Wrath of the Machine” as it’s suggested for light level 370 + and my clan has been leveling pretty slowly.  But a lot of guardians have been hammering the new raid with a ton of success and lots of sleepless nights with their clan mates.

10062016_heroic_modeAt this point in the game all the mysteries and mechanics of the raid have been conquered, as has one of its greatest secrets in the Outbreak Prime exotic pulse rifle. So naturally many fans are looking forward to the next challenge on the horizon, which is the Heroic Mode of Wrath of the Machine. That date has been revealed: The HARD MODE will launch on Tuesday, October 18th at 10 a.m. Pacific.

Bungie hasn’t released any hints as to what the Heroic Mode will hold for the guardians. All that Bungie has said is that “the truest test of teamwork and cunning is yet to come.” Along with revives being disabled and higher level enemies one of the challenges we’ve always had is figuring out the new mechanics which I’m sure we’ll have some major hurdles to get over.

The first step for anyone wanting to run Heroic Mode will be getting that Light level up as high as possible. There are plenty of ways to get gear 385 including running the normal raid, Iron Banner this week, and Trials of Osiris on the weekends. Second, teams will want to be very familiar with the raid as it stands so they can be ready to take on an extra layer of difficulty during each challenge.

Until next time Guardians!

I’ll see you Starside


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