Destiny Lore: Rise of Iron – The Iron Lords


Lord Saladin took center stage for the new Rise of Iron expansion and with that comes a whole host of new questions, and lore around the Iron Lords and a new mysterious guardian we get to meet in the Iron Banner!

With the Guardians well into the journey of the new Rise of Iron expansion I thought it fitting to stop and take a look at the Iron Lords and some background on them.

The Iron Lords & The Iron Wolves

If you’ve played Destiny then you have probably heard the names of the Iron Lords and didn’t realize that’s what they were.  The Iron Banner weapons and armor bear the names of the Iron Lords.

Efrideet – Once thought dead, she has returned as our newest Iron Banner vendor!  She is a Hunter who was a talented sniper. Of her it is said, “Every time she pulled the trigger, an enemy of the City died” and that her “keen eye never missed her mark.”
Felwinter – A Voidwalker Warlock, described as “he who stared into the Void.”
Gheleon – A Hunter, and he was called a true Guardian of the people.
Jolder – A Titan “whose mighty hammer taught the Darkness fear.”
Perun – A Hunter. “She who hunted the Darkness where it dwelt.”
Radegast – A Titan, and the leader of the Iron Lords — “He who was first among the peers of the Iron Banner.”
Similar – A Titan, called “he who was the Last City’s first wall.”
Skorri – A Warlock. “She who sang out the Iron Song” in honor of her lost companions.
Timur – A Warlock, recognized as “he whom the City’s enemies dreaded most.”
The Iron Lords are “ancient warriors from the City’s founding” who played a key role in the Battle of Six Fronts and the building of the Last City’s walls.

You may have not realized there is another group related to the Iron Lords called the Iron Wolves. Not much is known about these Guardians besides their names and the vague lore that “In our darkest hour, nine Iron Wolves emerged from the ruins” and “And beneath its branches, the Iron Wolves forged an unbreakable oath.” Here are their names, which should also be familiar:


The Battle of Six Fronts

A great battle when the Last City first faced an overwhelming attack, and repelled it decisively. The Fallen marched on the Last City and led by four orders of Titans, the City’s defenses held back the enemy on six different fronts—”and not one front broke.”
Also present at the battle was Osiris, a Warlock who rose to the ranks of Vanguard Commander until it is said he went mad with obsession trying to discover the truth of the Vex and the Darkness.


The Greatest of Them All

Lord Saladin Forge runs the Iron Banner tournament, a way to test Guardians and find the strongest among them. The Iron Banner seeks great champions to lead the fight against the Darkness. It was born to honor the Iron Lords and their efforts in the earliest days of the City.”

Lord Saladin gained his fame at the Battle of the Twilight Gap, where he led the City’s defense against an army of Fallen. He’s not just an advisor in the Tower, but a battle-tested Guardian who’s legacy holds true to Guardians all over the galaxy, and he’s no longer alone!



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