The OWL Sector Returns – SIVA Sim ARG


First we had The OWL Sector ARG hit the Destiny community a week or so before Rise of Iron launched.  A strange “Virus” was infecting the guardians, and once ROI hit it all seemed to go back to normal.  Now about a week after the launch of Rise of Iron, something new with the mysterious ARG has risen and has the community rushing to figure out it’s secrets.

This new ARG that everyone thought was over hit just the other day as fans noticed a new microsite on Bungie’s website which the OwlSector ARG site was updated and pointed fans to a new page with a very curious puzzle.

When this mysterious new link is clicked, it takes you to a page that shows a couple of lines of text, and a command prompt of sorts.  When you hit enter the page begins to scroll and ASCII art of the SIVA logo appears.  When just glancing at the codes that scroll across the screen it looks like a bowl of mush, but it didn’t take the Destiny community long to realize that different users were getting different codes and sequences, based on signing into their profiles on .

This has the community jumping and hard at work to try and solve this new found mystery, which looks like a lot of the main work is being headed up by the Destiny subreddit.  As one Redditor put it, “So, to be clear, I’m pretty sure the ARG is ‘solved’. We just lack coordination/data. This is like raid-tier ARG.” Speaking of raids, this outside-the-game mystery is on top of players trying to discover all the mysteries of the new Wrath of the Machine raid. It appears that all the pieces of this ARG puzzle, being called “SIM,” are out there, and only need to be put together in the right way.

Rom what i’m hearing the majority of this puzzle has been solved and basically you have to decode the shapes, numbers, and sequences from the users who have logged into the ARG, there is a high level of coordination and matching of the data.  It’s a giant puzzle piece and each piece of code the users have has to be fit together in the correct order to figure out the puzzle.

All those who have been hard at work cracking this ARG code discovered some vital information as in directions of the code, and shapes that were being left out when people were copy and pasting information.  That being said the Destiny community guru’s figuring this information out created a Google Doc form which allows all those guardians to keep track of the information accurately.

The theory to this mystery is that all of the codes being deciphered will help unlock the final monitor in the Wrath of the Machine raid, which looks to be tied to the hidden raid chest and “Surprise” a quest for an exotic weapon.

I am excited to see where this mystery takes the Destiny community and what all the secrets reveal.

Until next time


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