The Wolf Among Us Episode 3 – A Crooked Mile Review

2499489-wolf+among+us+-+wolf+among+us+-+2014-04-04+12-40-21+(p)63.jpgA Crooked Mile slaps us right in the middle of some pretty amazing and memorable moments to date in this game.  Around every corner Telltale succeeds at introducing new characters in almost every scene which keeps the interest up, and brings some more light and story to characters we’ve only just seen a small glimpse of over the past two episodes. This episode drops some tough choices on you and some crazy consequences to boot, so overall this episode really gives you the feeling of being these characters and owning the story itself!

My biggest beef with episode two was the lack of story / plot progression you had as it just didn’t move forward enough, but A Crooked Mile is just the opposite as this 90 minute episode makes every second count.  This episode also introduces a new character which was a lot of fun, a witch of Fabletown who lives by the old world standards that really brought a sense of magic to the story which tingles the intrigue of where the story is going.

thewolfamongusepisode3acrookedmile_review_1.jpgWithout going into many spoilers here, this episode brings us one of the biggest scenes to date.  Watching Bigby finally bare his superpowers against an army of angry dwarfs is just a taste it seems of what you get to look forward to in future episodes.  This incredible moment in the game lasted about as long as a blink of an eye, so the wait for episode 4 is going to be a nail biter for sure.

One major plot line of the story that is really starting to take shape and become the star of the show is Bigby’s sadness and frustration.  With that being said, time really seems to be limited in A Crooked Mile, and always moving forward, so you can’t see everything or meet everyone.  One thing that really made Bigby’s emotions standout is due to a big change from episode 1 and 2 as you had very limited time to react to conversations which isn’t the case in this episode.  Oddly I like the fact they gave us more time in the conversations and story this time cause there are some brutal decisions to be made throughout.

Wolf-Among-Us-Episode-3-04As great as this episode was to play through I had a little beef in a couple of the scenes as they decided to cut before I had a chance to fully explore the surroundings.  Both of these scenes were packed full of things to explore and items to discover, so one moment I’m happily exploring, the next I was sliding right over into the start of the next scene which was disappointing.

This episode pushes the boundaries of brutal encounters and wacky decisions that really push the story forward and brought almost all the characters to the playing board.  This is one of Telltales best episodes to date on any of the games they’ve written, so I can’t wait to see where they take Bigby in the next episode!


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