Game Blogging – Should You Start?



Good morning writers!

Have you had the thought yet?  You know, the one where you start up a blog and write shamelessly about gaming.

Maybe you are stuck on the idea but just not sure where to start.  I’m hoping this post helps kickstart some ideas and gets the brain sparks firing.

Why Would I Blog About Games?

  • If you enjoy writing at all then blogging is one of the most satisfying things you could venture out and do.  Especially as a gamer it gives us an outlet to speak about our passion of games.  Gaming in all sense is a large community and blogging about games is more than just writing thoughts down on a screen and hitting the submit button.  As a community, blogging gives us a way to connect with other gamers, writers, and gives us a place to enjoy each other’s perspectives.
  • This “Blog” you create is a little slice of the internet that you get to make however you like, and it allows networking with other which helps build those relationships.  This personally is one of my favorite parts of blogging.  I’ve had the chance to meet some pretty amazing people over the years, that otherwise I would have never probably met.
  • Writing about games in particular though gives people a look into your perspective on the game, and that can create some fun conversations.  Whether that platform is through writing, streaming, or connecting online over some social network it’s always great to connect with other gamers and share opinions.
  • Writing about games is also a way to reach the community and review specific games you enjoy, and potentially help others find games they’ve never tried before.  This is also a way you could potentially connect with the developers of said games and give them a look at what players think of these games.


Starting That Gaming Blog

Ok, you’ve made the decision you are going to kick this idea off and get things rolling but need help with the blog creation.  Go checkout one of my previous posts on “Starting Your First Blog” for ideas of the platform you want to use. Now that you have the idea kicked off and you know what blog platform you are using it’s time to start writing.

What do I write about?

Anything you want! That’s the best part as this is your blog, and you get to choose how often you post, what you write about, how things look, and what niche you want to connect with.  Some ideas for good kickstart posts to help get you started though are ……

  • Game Review / Play Through:  I personally do a lot of game reviews which is always a fun outlet to talk about.  These are thorough descriptions of the game and mechanics you’ve experienced.  Usually screenshots, videos, and tips / tricks you’ve come across while playing.  These types of posts are fun to write but they are a great way to help other gamers potentially discover something they’ve never seen before.
  • Gaming Rundown: This is another great way to get started and usually a nice way to connect with people playing like games.  What are you currently playing and do you have a task list per say you’d like to talk about.  What are your top games of all time which could lead to a history walkthrough of how you played them.  These are always fun posts to make.
  • Gaming Community: You can write a blog post that depicts your thoughts on the state of gaming, and the communities that surround this realm.  How do the communities differ from PC gamers to Console gamers?  This is always a fun area to delve into.
  • Gaming Companies:  What do you think about the gaming industry, and some of the top dogs out there.  This is always another way to get your foot in the door of writing. Let people know who your favorite / least favorite companies are producing games and why?


These are just a few ideas to help you in this blogging adventure.  I hope you guys have fun with this, and make sure you don’t burn yourself out as it’s easy to do.  I can’t wait to see what you all come up with and start reading those posts.  Stop by and visit me sometime over at my blog A Hobbit’s Journey.  I enjoy connecting with people and who knows maybe we’ll see each other out in the virtual world of gaming one day.


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