The Walking Dead Season 3 – Confirmed for 2016


maxresdefaultTelltale Games created a masterpiece with the Walking Dead game series and I took the hook, line and sinker when I first started playing the game.  Now almost two years later after season 2 finished leaving fans with mixed emotions on how things ended, Telltale Games seemed to have closed the story with season 2.  The famed developer company has been quite busy lately with the alternate story of their Michonne miniseries and just yesterday I saw the newest addition will be a Batman game coming later this year.  All of Telltale’s games are pretty awesome if you ask me, as I’ve tried just about all of them, but the big question on the table is when the heck are we going to see the next season of The Walking Dead series release?

Mashable actually did an interview with Telltale Games back at the end of March this year which is when the release window was announced.

If you played Season 2 then you hopped on the roller coaster ride along with all us other fans, probably having anxious moments as it might have seemed like that was the end because everything felt as if it came to a close. Telltale does plan on continuing the story but not in the way fans are expecting.  It looks like season 3 might take a very different turn in how the story is presented to us.  Either way I’m pumped to see the game and can’t wait for it’s release.

In the meantime I think I’ll go back and play through season 1 & 2 to catch back up on the stories.  I’ve got my ears open for this one, so as more comes out on the game you will definitely see me posting about it.


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