Scream The Pilot Review


mtv-s-scream-tv-show-reimagines-ghostface-for-a-new-story-new-cast-new-format-new-rules-486221Ok, so let me start this post by saying I’ve thrown the idea back and forth for years now of whether I do film & TV reviews.  It’s always come down to NO not right now as I’ve just got to much going on and I didn’t want to add to an already full plate.

So why the change you ask?  My change has come due to that once full plate becoming less full as I’ve finished up some major projects that I’ve finally finished.  This has freed up more room to write both on this site, and for my book series I’m working on.  Honestly, I’ve always wanted to do film & TV reviews and now that I have the extra time I’m jumping on board with one of my favorite genre’s #HORROR so I hope you enjoy the post as I look forward to this new journey.

With my first ever film & TV review write up, we start with the new TV adaptation of Scream which is brought to us by our old friends MTV!

Now I know I’m coming into this show a bit late as it’s already finished up with season 1 and has been renewed for season 2 which airs on May 30th this year.  MTV’s Scream takes the very popular and familiar movie franchise title and brings us into something new.  This isn’t a continuation of the story from the movies, nor is it a TV remake, as it involves different characters, location and backstory from the films. Instead, this creation brings us back to the original tone of the films without being about the same people or places.

Personally I was a huge fan of the Scream films so when I stumbled across this TV gem I was rather ecstatic to begin watching it.  Though I had my doubts and questions as most TV adaptations of popular films are just strange at best.  Regardless, Scream has brought us right back to the original movie. The opening sequence, featuring Bella Thorne, brings us back to 1996 with the Drew Barrymore sequence in Scream, as a high school girl, home alone in her big house, finding herself being watched, and contacted.  Now things have changed over the past 20 years so instead of a phone call they’ve replaced most of the interaction with this mysterious watcher by texting.  Things just go very badly for her once she starts replying back to these mysterious texts.  It’s an entertaining sequence, due to some fun iPhone issues involving Siri not understanding you put into the middle of a horror scene.

4b4d74cc81fd4685c6bbeab93fa121f5From there, as the show unfolds we get to meet the cast and overall feels like a Scream movie, but different and same all at once.  Weird I know, but the parallels to the first film’s characters; Sidney, Billy, Stu, Randy and Tatum in Emma (Willa Fitzgerald), Will (Conner Weil), Jake (Tom Maden), Noah (John Karna) and Brooke (Carlson Young), as these kids from “Lakewood” begin to realize a killer is among them. The show throws some other characters into the mix, including a mysterious new guy in town Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) and Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus), who was the victim of some recent cyber bullying.

Probably my favorite character of the series is Noah, the socially awkward film, game, and horror geek – aka Randy if you were watching the Scream movies.  Noah brings us one of the best Film to TV translations of all time when he says, “You can’t do a slasher movie on television,” because ultimately slasher films happen quickly.  TV needs to pull things out and stretch them over a long period of time to bring us the same story. Scream at least has the benefit of including the whodunit aspect of the films that did set the series apart from most others in the slasher genre. The show introduces plenty of characters who could be the killer, even as some of it – including important town history involving Emma’s mom Tracy Middendorf, who actually had a role as the babysitter in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare.

If you haven’t watched the show – Checkout the Trailer

Ok so all in all, the pilot series was a win in my book!  The show had me hooked from the get go, and has me curious who the killer is.  This is quickly becoming a favorite go to show and I can’t wait to see where they go with things! tags:

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