A New Friday the 13th – Jason Vorhees Returns


Seeing how it’s Friday the 13th….let’s take a look at that famous mass murderer Jason Voorhees as he’s back and coming soon to Xbox One, PS4, and PC in a new hack n slash game.  The company bringing us this gem is Gun Media which revealed the game would release in Fall of 2016.

Checkout the official Announcement Trailer


This game was originally slotted to be called Summer Camp and the plan was to pay homage to Friday the 13th.  Gun Media since has released that they are making this a legit Friday the 13th game and from the hype I’m hearing will be pretty amazing.  Now that the game is an official Friday the 13th game, I think the companies stakes of delivering a fan favorite just got a lot harder!  It’s Jason Vorhees for goodness sakes…..he’s a super human, weapon weilding, un-killable (sort of) mass murderer.  From what we get to see in the trailer, the game looks super intense and has some potential of being a great survival horror!

Now the company has started a Kickstarter campaign for the game which some may ask why, but ultimately the game needs funded if us fans are ever going to get to play this thing.  Would you back a game like this if you were a fan and wanted to see an iconic slasher classic come to life?  I would given the chance, and I think others will as well!

Sounds like this will be an interesting game play style as you get to play as either Jason Vorhees, or a camp counselor.

I’m pretty sure you can guess what the role of Jason is, and what the role of the sucker that chooses a camp counselor would be….hunt or be hunted!  I think there is going to be a very dynamic survival mechanic just as other survival horrors play out.  Maybe weapons crafting, searching for shelter, food, etc… who knows… ultimately the possibilities are limitless for a game like this.  I’m sure Jason is going to have some crazy skills for tracking people down as well but I wonder how the abilities will stack out between the counselors?

The trailer definitely had that 80’s tone to it which gave it a very classic movie look.  I’m sure the game will have a nostalgic feel to it as well.  Seeing how Jason had a multitude of looks throughout history I can only think this would be a feature they brought into the game as well.  I think it plays into that nostalgic feel of a classic slasher heavyweight like Jason.  Who knows what all we will get to see in the game but I’m sure it will be a classic experience no matter what.

It’s been said that Friday the 13th’s Kane Hodder, Tom Savini, and Harry Manfredini are all going to be a part of the game as well!  This is an absolute dream team if this is true, because they were all the originals of the franchise.  Tom Savini is one of Hollywoods most famous makeup FX artist in history in which he provided the memorable makeup we saw on the first and fourth films.  Kane Hodder is probably the most recognized as the actor who took on the role of Jason in multiple films.  Harry Manfredini created the score for most of the films franchise.  So when we say dream team we mean just that.

I hope this game grabs the traction it needs, and warms the hearts of all those Friday the 13th fans out there because this could be a fantastic game!

I’m looking forward to watching the progress and hopefully get to play it later this year!

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