Child of Light – A Game Review

child_of_lightFirst of all I have to start with WOW, as Ubisoft has achieved an art style with this game like none other I’ve ever seen!  This game has some of the most intriguing and charming characters a game could ask for, but what makes this game stand out most is it’s earthy colors and use of a hand painted art style.  This RPG gives a lot of love back to it’s predecessors as it pulls game mechanics such as exploration, crazy puzzles, and a fantastic combat system that’s become my favorite in the genre.  If you enjoy the RPG games, then this one will quickly become a gem as it’s rewarding, fun, and quickly pulls you into it’s world of mystery, magic, and elegance!

Child of Light has a hand crafted love that brings a stunning moment to each screen you see, as if it’s a piece of art you would see hanging in a gallery.  All of the characters have a warm inviting presence in the game that you can latch onto very quickly!  The bright colors are also offset by dark silhouettes of large mangled trees in the background that give you a sense of depth and layer in the game.  These hints of darker colors give you that uneasy feeling that something isn’t quite right with the world, a darkness that’s trying to take over.

divgaedmli0y2doacbsaThe fairytale like plot holds your attention quite well, and the story, though at times is distracting was superb! There’s a traveling jester who can’t figure out how rhyming works, a love-sick mouse archer, and most importantly, the main character that you get to play, a young girl named Aurora who’s trying to save her father. Aurora’s transformation from a frightened child to the hero of her own story is a journey worthy of the beautiful art work it’s accompanied by. Some modern RPGs suffer by either abandoning too much of the choice and depth that first made the genre interesting, or by piling on needless systems that don’t add anything to the experience. Child of Light makes neither of these mistakes, giving it a very balanced play style across the board.

col_screen06_156422This games biggest win is the combat system though, as it mixes a classic turn based system with some very beautiful real time elements, like icons that move a long the bottom of the screen indicating when you or your opponents turn is. Battling in the game is more then just mindless button pressing, or repetitive skill spamming, as hitting an enemy in the middle of an attack will interrupt them.  This element created a constant feeling of strategy and timing that had to be played, but also gave you a sense of great accomplishment which made it quite enjoyable!

One of the best parts is your companion Igniculus, which has a huge role in combat, exploring, and the overall game play.  He has the ability to heal allies, stun foes, light darkened paths and he is all controlled with the right thumb stick… there was a bit of a learning curve to control both characters, but overall it was super easy to learn!  This game also gives you the ability to fly very early on which played a huge part into the exploration of the world.  Again, this was a bit of a learning curve to control you, and your companion but something that was quite easy to get the hang of. This game worked well, played well, and overall held my attention through the entire story, keeping me engaged with something stunning and new at every screen! tags:

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Fenrile says:

    Good review, this game is on my wishlist.


    1. Thanks Fenrile! It’s a blast, and hope you get to enjoy it soon! Let me know what you think of it once you try it out.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Isey says:

    I haven’t even heard of this – adding it to my wishlist as well. That’s crazy beautiful graphics.


    1. This game is such a stunning refresh to the RPG world of gaming. Beautiful graphics, and the story is amazing! They did everything to the 10’s in this game as far as I’m concerned 🙂


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