Holy Patch Day for Destiny

bungie-destiny-s-april-update-will-not-revamp-vault-of-glass-crota-s-end-502042-2Destiny’s April 12th patch 2.2.0 update is an oh my goodness moment as I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a patch to hit a game.  When I first played Destiny it was not a pleasant experience during the first closed beta….see my review from a couple years ago.

Needless to say I picked the game up a month-ish ago and have enjoyed absolutely every single second of game play!  Other then the awe struck moments I get in The Division, this is by far my favorite console game!

So here’s what to expect once we get to boot back up in Destiny.

This patch will take Destiny to version 2.2.0, and it’s by far the largest update since The Taken King last September.  There’s so much to look forward to, including mass amounts of loot and activities to keep you quite busy, along with a new end-game activity, five brand new sets of armour, the return of year-one exotics and much more.

This is a fairly large download as it looks like the Xbox One and PS4 is around 1700 MB but for everything we are getting I can’t complain as we are getting a ton!

oaingrkvbw6wst3ocmg5.pngI’m super excited about the Challenge of the Elders – This is the section of GOLD for all us level 40’s who want to reach the new light cap of 335 as Bungie has reworked the Prison of Elders to give us something brand new, which is two new levels of difficulty, levels 41 & 42 which I’m sure are bonkers insane hard.  Four new bosses, yes, FOUR new bosses and new modifiers will be added. Level 41 includes match-making, and has a recommended Light level of 260 and apparently will drop gear up to light level 320.

I’m currently at a light level 294 and haven’t been able to run the King’s Fall Raid yet, as I literally just hit that a week ago.  Level 42 will be called Challenge of the Elders, it has no match-making, is recommended to be a light level 320 and this is where you can win the 335 armour and weapons.  Challenge of the Elders is fought over three rounds, much like the old Prison of Elders and each round with it’s own unique boss.  The scoring is interesting as your teams points will be tracked on a card called the Elder’s Sigil, and this is used for both the high score and cumulative score. If you and your team hit a high score of 30k during the run, then it’s a guaranteed win of a 335 weapon,  If you all hit 90k cumulative score each week, players will be guaranteed the 335 armour pieces, but the Challenge of Elders will reset each week, wiping the cumulative score….which honestly will be a nice little challenge for that new gear!

Here is what I’ve seen for the new run’s/strikes.

Challenge of the Elders will be a total of 16 encounters with variations of bosses and game modifiers.

Blighted Chalice – A brand new quest line and strike comes with this update.  Apparently the Taken are after Oryx’s crown again in this one….guess they will never learn that us Guardians just won’t let that happen.

Winters Run strike – Update to this strike is it’s being added back to the Heroic strike list and it will be Taken this time you battle, and has a chance to drop some nice loot.

Everything is going to increase in difficulty across the board and new rewards will be added to, The Court of Oryx, Heroic Strikes, Nightfalls, and The Kings Fall Raid.  Apparently Kings Fall Raid’s normal mode will now drop loot up to level 320, and the hard mode getting a boost up to the level 335 mark.

Malok_destinyLike I was saying previously I haven’t hit the previous light level cap of 320, and today’s update brings us the new light level of 335, hence all the gear boosts to 335 and I’m super pumped to see what they all look like, especially the Taken gear!  Included with the new armour sets is, three revamped faction sets….one for Future War Cult, Dead Orbit, and New Monarchy.  The other two sets of armour are brand new, one being the Desolate set which is the Taken armour I’m so anxious to get, and the other is Spektar armour which will have some color customization to it outside of shaders.

The way we infuse our weapons is also changing as it will now be a 1 for 1 level meaning you get the full light now and not just a percentage jump.  If you infuse a 320 item into a 310, you will now get a 320 light item! Super pumped about this, as I’ve got some goodies just waiting for my Warlock!

This isn’t even half of the updates we are getting but these were the major ones I found, and the exciting ones…but weapons, class updates etc are also coming.

Enjoy Guardians, and I will see you next time!

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