All Things Geekery Podcast – Episode 1 The Rise & Fall of Virtual Reality

What a crazy ride this has been but a ride well worth the wait as WE, myself and Victus made our first podcast!  Yes, another podcast about stuff, geeky stuff to be specific.

We’ve been working on this thing for a long time, and we have probably hit every little bump along the way….but we stuck with our passion and we knew VICTORY would be ours in the end, as we triumphantly defeated those pesky technical issues that kept haunting us over the last few months.

In our very first episode we get a bit sidetracked for a few minutes and talk about our recent gaming adventures in Fallout 4, Destiny, and the awe inspiring wonder of The Division.

Then we move right into the main content for this episode which is….The rise and fall AND rise again of virtual reality.

This process has been such a fun journey to dive into, and at times we dove into the deep end of the pool when all the water had been drained out, but overall WE did it!!

Ok enough of the chatter….hope you all enjoy and we will see you in the next episode!

Check Out The First Episode


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