The Walking Dead Game – Season 2 – Episode 3 – In Harms Way Review

twd-harmswayartHey again everyone!

It has been a minute or two since I did my last write up on this wonderful game back on episode 2 which I thought was one of the best episodes to date, but I was wrong as In Harms Way, has brought the bar up to a brand new level!

This episode was difficult from multiple levels as it makes you question the decisions you’ve made for sure.  Ever had that moment during a game of this type “If I had been more willing to do things differently, would more people still be here and alive?” Well, this game hits you like that around ever corner it seems.  One good thing I’ve learned is this episode wasn’t anything like the previous, and as good as the content was I never want to work through that episode again to see if I get any different outcomes…..long pause “Whew”.

In Harm’s Way takes the characters in this story line to their absolute breaking points, both physically and mentally.  All of the scenes you get to live through brought a satisfaction that can only come with The Walking Dead’s style, as they gave you a very memorable but yet disgusted since of accomplishment in the game.

TWD_203_CarverThis story became dark quickly and all happiness, smiles, and sense of safety was sucked from the monitor you’ve been watching.  Clementine’s new family has now just been imprisoned by Bill Carver, the maniac who debuted in Episode 2: A House Divided.  Clementine and her gang’s overnight escape plans put everyone at risk, and the story line built a very uncomfortable and surprising climax which will make you squirm in your very seat.

This episode takes you down a very dark and hopeless road towards Episode 4, as Bill Carver brings things to a screeching halt and creates a fear among the group we haven’t seen yet. is about as bleak as this franchise has ever been, and what little optimism exists is only here to remind you how easily it can be used against you.  Carver is probably the most frightening enemy to date, as things escalate to a level of unpredictability on what this mad man will do next each time you make a step in the game.

The-Walking-Dead-Season-2-Episode-3-Will-Launch-Sooner-Dev-Interested-in-PS4-429951-2Telltale games has done something pretty magnificent with this episode as they have made me play Clementine completely different.  Her bitterness in previous episodes was changed as she opened up in this episode to the people she found and so quickly became family with.  This was all done because of Carver and his psycho tendencies, as it pulled you away and shows what can happen when you become cold and don’t cherish life.

My favorite part of this episode was the emphasis, and focus they put on the group of people around Clementine.  There was very little exploration out in the environment and completely left the puzzle features behind.  This for all intensive purposes is a human episode, so there’s little room for the more involved “play” aspects of this adventure game.  Surprising enough even though we didn’t get the exploration or interaction as we did in previous episodes, this episode made up for it in, discomfort, tension, and emotional character development that in my opinion is the best to date.

I have no idea what the game holds in Episode 4 for Clementine and her group, but I can’t wait to see the next steps in the story and see the people Clem is with to a better place.

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