Writing In a Winter Snow Storm



Hello again everyone!

It has been around a month since my last legit post and that has been strategic, and completely on purpose.  It’s that time of year where our families schedule becomes insane, but like I said it’s on purpose.  This time of year for us is busy with family events and time for us to relax, escape with each other and do those fun family things together.

This has not only been a busy few months but an extremely busy year in total.  As a husband and father to seven year old triplets life has a way of pulling your attention to the important things.  We as a family have always been prioritized, but as everyone we can stray away from those “Important Things” and have to wrangle our small attention spans back in to focus.

I’ve had to slow down the frequency of blogging lately mainly because I can’t create more than 24 hours in a day…though I wish I could sometimes.  This summer was a killer in hours for me due to a very large project at work I was managing in which I was having to work both days & nights a lot of the summer.  With that being said, the project was overall a pretty good success and allowed me to manage a team of people who could make it a success in future years.  Now that the summer has passed and winter is upon us…which happens to be my favorite time of year BTW.

That brings me to my next statement and why I named this blog post what I did.  Winter is my favorite due to a lot of reasons, but one very important and dear to my heart is writing and creativity for me started one very cold winter when I was just a young boy in which I got to read “The Hobbit” for the very first time.

This sparked a passion for writing, creativity, reading and knowing one day I would write my own book, or books.  That has been many years ago and even though my background in school was majoring in creative writing and arts, I ended up being a project manager of all things.  Now that doesn’t mean I’ve lost the passion to write, but what it does mean is I have to prioritize my time so that I can continue my passion of writing.  That prioritization comes in many forms and sometimes it means taking a break from writing which I think any writer out there could say the same thing.

Writing to me is always like writing in a snow storm and the reason I say that is,  “A snow storm is beautiful chaos filled with creativity and awe inspiring moments of it’s ability to fascinate the mind and be completely unique every time it happens.”  This is why I love winter and why I will always continue to love writing no matter the form it comes in.

To all those creative minds and soon to be, thinking about, am doing writers out there I prod you to find what inspires you to do what you love.

One of my  favorite quotes and something I always try to remember, “Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words” – Mark Twain

Keep writing and having fun while you do it ya’ll!


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