About The Podcast

Hi and welcome to All Things Geekery where we explore the world of geeky hobbies and discuss topics from the newest tech, debates on lore in the realms of science fiction and fantasy, and of course video games.  All with a lot of randomness thrown in.

A couple of fellow geeks who met a few years ago through mutual friends, while playing Halo 4 of all things!  Anyways this friendship started through our enjoyment of the gaming world and discovered we both had a passion for podcasting and making our voice heard for something we enjoy….in our own fashion of course.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like were starting a break through science project, or creating something new as there are a ton of podcasts just like this one floating around the internet.  Here’s the best part of creating a podcast though…It’s YOUR’s and you get to create it however you like.  Stepping outside of the normal creative box to make something original and genuine which came from a passion is the best part of the experience.

Where did the name come from?  All Things Geekery is pretty self explanatory if you really think about it, as this world is very vast and has so many topics to explore.

This podcast will be a monthly release and dedicated to a geeky hobby of some sort each episode…probably covering some topics over multiple episodes.  As the podcast develops, we are hoping for a natural morphing and growth in the topics and how we get to bring them  to you all…Whether that be through a blog, audio discussions, or even a video release where we get to discuss a current project we are working on.

We look forward to connecting with everyone!

You can check out all the chatter we have going on @ https://twitter.com/allthingsgeekry

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