The Walking Dead Game – Season 2 – Episode 1 – All That Remains Review


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It’s been a while since I wrote my last game review and that’s mainly because I haven’t been playing anything lately. My attention has been pulled towards other side projects, and real life has kept me quite busy.  Though I’ve managed to get a little free time….and when I have some free time, I tend to go rummaging through old games that I haven’t had a chance to play or catch up on.  I’ve had Season 2 of The Walking Dead installed since it came out, and I’m just now getting around to finishing up the story. To me it’s one of those little gems of the game world that you can’t wait to play. I got a hold of the first Walking Dead game early last year and had a blast playing through the series, but I wasn’t able to follow the story into Season 2, until now, and all I have to say it’s a buckle your seat belt kinda game.  It’s full of roller coaster emotional moments, and packed with action scenes that keep you on the edge of your chair.

the-walking-dead-all-that-remains-4-1024x576We pick back up with Clementine who is the young heroine of this story.  You can really tell the death and destruction that has surrounded her for so long is starting to wear on her.  She no longer has Lee to lean on in those tough desperate times of need as he’s passed away and just a memory now.  This season starts with a brand new feel and that innocent little girl you saw in season 1 is all but lost and put aside.

Just as the first season game play spun our heads, how you play and how you make decisions in this season determines how the story flows. All That Remains really pulls you to the center of how Clementine has learned to survive, fought for the things she held dear, and even learned to grasp the evil that humanity can bring on itself.  She is learning to lean on the dependency of herself instead of others in this season.

It’s still a big enjoyment of the game to have those split second frantic button popups during zombie battles, decision points with the groups, and exploring the environments at your own pace.  But one thing I’ve not enjoyed is the decisions you made in season 1 don’t seem to matter all that much now.  Clementine ends up with an untrusting new group that finds her stranded and alone, but because everyone exists to question Clementine, we’re left not knowing what anybody but Clementine wants.

clementine and peteShe meets a man named Pete, who seems to be the group’s leader and has an instant open heart to Clementine, almost a father-figure role. Clementine becomes quick friends with Luke, a young man she confides in about her old friend Lee that passed away.  Clem also finds another young girl about her age, who for all purposes is completely oblivious to the things happening outside the walls of her home.

This new group brings a new level of fascination, and stress to the game, as they all have a very strained relationship with each other and the conflict will surely blow up.  The main plot of this season has a dark enemy lurking closer to the group and way more dangerous than the zombies could ever be.  The overall story line seems a bit torn and less put together than the first season, and I’m not sure if it’s meant to be that way to keep you guessing, or by the writers being torn. What makes everything tie together is Clementine, as she is the shining star of this game and no matter how unsure you are of the overall story, her story pulls everything together somehow.

This season has some of the most shocking violent moments in The Walking Dead series I’ve seen but everything you experience as being Clementine is more engaging and way more emotional.  Though Clementine has found a new group of survivors she still has this empty spot and you really do feel alone in the game.  Some of the conversations you have with others seem disheartening as you get to watch the little bit of humanity that seems left slip away.  But again, this type of emotional roller coaster is what makes the game so appealing, and emotionally you feel connected to those characters that TellTale has created. tags:

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