Refuge of the Faithful


1407637422The Great Port

Pelargir, was one of the first settlements of the Numenoreans founded in Middle-earth and was built in the year 2350 of the second age as a haven of the Faithful. The King’s Men established havens farther South but Pelargir was one of the cities that assembled Gondor when it was founded in 3320 by the Faithful.  The great port was was located off the Anduin river, just South of the White Mountains.

As Gondor’s power grew, Pelargir became the home of its navy. But during the civil war, also known as the Kin-strife, the city was besieged by Eldacar, as it had become a stronghold of the sons and supporters of Castamir. The siege was only a partial success, as Eldacar had driven out the enemies, but they escaped and fled to Umbar.  The son’s of Castamir, and the surviving enemies heirs became known as the Corsairs of Umbar.  They plagued Gondor with war and tormented their ports for years to come.

Battle_of_PelargirThe Stronghold was Broken

With the decline of Gondor’s power, Pelargir became weaker by the day and an easy target for the Corsairs, who by this time had made an alliance with Sauron.  Although Gondor’s power was in decline they managed to defend their coasts.  In 1634 of the third age, the Corsairs overtook the city and slayed King Minardil in the process.  Gondor was able to regain the city quickly and drove the Corsairs out once more.

During the War of the Ring, the years of conflict between Gondor and the Corsairs was about to come to a quick end. A great Corsair fleet attacked the city as Gondor’s armies were caught at Minas Tirity, and there were not enough troops to defend the coasts or Pelargir.  At what looks to be a defeat in Pelagir, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, along with the Grey Company and the Army of the Dead, arrived and defeated the Corsairs.  Once they took over the Corsairs fleet of ships, Aragorn released the spell that had bound the dead men of dunharrow.  Aragorn and his men arrived at Minas Tirith to defend it from Sauron’s forces. The Corsairs were driven out and they never attacked Gondor, or Pelagir again once Sauron had been killed. tags:

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