The Kings of Gondor – Part Seven – Death to the Corsairs


Hail and Well Met Friends!

When we left off on our last episode, we had just seen the Kin Strife come to a boiling point and watched civil war break out amongst the people of Gondor.  We also saw the crowning of Aldamir and the beginning of the Corsairs of Umbar.

HaradThe New Kings Constant Battle

Aldamir was the second son of King Eldacar and succeeded his father in TA 1490 because his elder brother Ornendil was murdered by Castamir. Aldamir’s fifty year reign was marked with constant warfare with the Corsairs of Umbar and the Haradrim, which called in Westron the Southrons and once the “Swertings” by Hobbits, were a race of Men from Harad in the region of Middle-earth directly south of Gondor. Aldamir was slain in battle against the Men of Harad in 1540 and had one son who later took the throne.

Aldamir’s son, born as Vinyarion took the throne in TA 1540 and reigned until 1621. Vinyarion wished to avenge his fathers death, which he accomplished in 1551 by invading the Harad and defeated them. It was then when he proclaimed himself Hymarmedacil II, which menat “South-Victor” in Sindarin.  This was a name one of his great ancestors took in the twelfth century.  He died in TA 1621 after a rule of eighty-one years and two hundred thirty years of life and was succeeded by his son Minardil.

The House of Hurin

Minardil was born in TA 1454 during the reign of his great grandfather Eldacar. Minardil’s reign was brief and tormented with conflict. His steward, Hurin of Emyn Arnen, would found the line of the House of Hurin, who became ruling stewards centuries later.  In TA 1634 he was slain at Pelargir when it was attacked by the Corsairs of Umbar. Minardil ruled for thirteen years and was succeeded by his eldest son Telemnar.

Telemnar became king in TA 1634, and due to the growing threat from the Corsairs, he immediately began building up Gondor’s fleets to defeat them but his plans came to an end when the Great Plague struck Gondor.  The Great Plague ravaged Gondor and it’s outlying hold of Osgiliath, and in result the king and his family died. The White Tree also withered and died during this time. He was succeeded by his nephew Tarondor, who was the son of Telemnar’s younger brother Minastan.

gondor treeThe White Tree

Tarondor took the throne at a young age in TA 1636 after his uncle passed.  He was the longest reigning King of Gondor, but war and plague had tortured his country and strove to rebuild the land and it’s great power. The most significant event in his reign was the removal of the capital from the now depopulated Osgiliath to Minas Anor and the replanting of the White Tree. However, Gondor at this time was drained of its resources and man-power and could no longer afford to tend to the forts guarding the ancient entrances to Mordor, thus they fell into decay paving the way for evil things to return.  He died in TA 1798 after one-hundred and Sixty-two years of rule was succeeded by his son.

Telumehtar became king in TA 1798 after his father passed.  His reign was largely uneventful except for problems the Corsairs continued to bring to the land. The long descendents of the defeated king Castamir the Usurper; the Corsairs raided the coasts of Gondor and terrorized shipping in the area. Telumehtar wanted to rid the seas of the Corsairs, so he assembled a large army in 1810 and recaptured their base in Umbar. After this event he took the title Umbardacil, meaning “Victor over Umbar”. In this war, the Corsairs suffered total defeat and the descendants of Castamir all died and Umbar was yet again held by Gondor.  Telumehtar ruled for fifty-two years and was succeeded by his son Narmacil II.

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