The Walking Dead – The Game – Episode 5 No Time Left


Finishing off the final of my Walking Dead the game reviews for season one, I thought it fitting to add the season finale trailer.

The first four episodes of The Walking Dead put the game into perspective of how in depth this game was really going to be.  This episode brings everything to a huge climactic head and you being in the main role of Lee Everett is overwhelming in this episode.  His story is packed full of emotions, suspense and very tense moments, and very terrifying all at the same time.  Unfortunately this is possibly the end of the road for Lee as he has been bitten, and Clementine has also been taken.

The sole purpose in this episode seems to be finding Clementine, no matter the cost! This episode throws you into what seems to be Lee’s final hours of life, and the split second decisions are more frequent as well.  In previous installments, you’ve had to make one or two major decisions, but Episode 5 has us making them left and right – deciding where the group should head, who to tell off, etc… Really there are only a couple choices that change the game drastically and affect the story (one of those decisions are very early on in the game, and it’s one of the most gruesome out of all the episodes), but Telltale has dones such a freaking amazing job at the story telling of the group that even the small decisions seem epic in this one.  We know that this is the end of Lee, and honestly this is such a fitting end to an epic story character.

This episode moves so fast mainly due to the way time plays out for Lee and being bitten by one of the nasties.  Basically you never know when the decision you just made will be your last one to ever make for this character.  This episode also does a good job weaving all the characters together in a emotional dance and when the fast pace of the episode does slow down, we almost get a chance to reflect on everything that’s happened up to this point.  Having a conversation with Kenny about Duck and Kat plays out differently based on who you tried to save in Episode 1.  A lot of the “He or she will remember that” bits from the previous episodes make an appearance once again.  This episode seems to be more personal in manner than any of the others to date and references a lot of your previous actions to build that personal touch.

Gameplay is packed full of action, but there is a ton of conversation building, and character development as well.  Again, the voiceover work is absolutely amazing as always and honestly is what keeps me coming back to this game!  The graphic novel style of the game is still beautiful in it’s own sense and still remains one of my favorite game designs ever!  This episode also holds one of the games largest zombie fights to date and some of the most emotional end game conversations you’ve ever listened to.  This end of the story honestly leaves you speechless, and really holds you on the edge of your seat all the way till the credits roll!

I can’t wait to start playing season 2, and Season 3 is to be announced on release date sometime this year! tags:

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  1. Such a great game =) Have you played Telltales A Wolf Among Us? That’s my favorite so far xD I hope they make lots more of these story games in the future – much more entertaining that TV


    1. I haven’t played A Wolf Among Us just yet, but i’ve heard some amazing things about it! It’s on my list of games to play though 🙂 and agreed on the story telling portion of these games…they are wonderfully done!


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