The Kings of Gondor – Part Three – The House of Anarion

Hail and Well Met Everyone!

Last week we left off with Isildur, the high king of both the kingdom of Arnor and Gondor. Since the death of Isildur we see a direct split in the lines and the title of High King did not fall to the House of Anarion.

tyler-realms-in-exile-01A Kings Line Divided

Meneldil was born in Numenor a year before its fall.  He was the fourth child of Anarion, and was the last recorded child born of Numenor before it’s destruction.  He had three older sisters and became the King of Gondor in the second year of the Third Age, after the death of his uncle Isildur.  Meneldil was the first “King of Gondor” to rule independently from the High Kingdom of Arnor.

It is uncertain whether Meneldil was King by right, because his father Anarion was only co-ruler of Gondor under his brother Isildur, who was the High King.  Meneldil did have a cousin that could have made the rightful claim to the throne of both kingdoms, but he never stepped forward to make such claim.  The people of Gondor accepted Meneldil’s claim over Gondor, but King Valandil of Arnor never made any real attempt to take rule over both kingdoms until Anarion’s line had failed.  Meneldil did serve Gondor from Arnor for 156 years before his death in year 158, but the title of High King still remained with the northern kingship line.

A Rule of Peace in the Lands

Cemendur took the throne after the death of his father Meneldil, but little is known about his reign.  It was a peacful time, and he ruled Gondor for 80 years and died in 238 of the Third Age.  He had one son Earendil who continued the reign of peace in the lands. There were no major events recorded during his time as king, but ruled Gondor for 86 years and died in 324 of the Third Age.  Earendil’s son Anardil took the throne after his fathers death.  The only major event recorded during his reign is he was the last king to dwell in Osgiliath, and his son Ostoher helped rebuild and expand Minas Anor.  Anardil died in 411 of the Third Age and ruled Gondor for 87 years.

Minas-Tirith3Ostoher took reign of Gondor and during his time as king he turned Minas Anor into a great dwelling place for his people, and continued to expand Minas Anor until it bacame a city as well as his fortress.  This city is one of the most renown of all Middle Earth as most people know it as the captial city of Gondor, or better known as Minas Tirith.  The white city became the captial some 1200 years after the great plague that hit the city in 1636.

Ostoher faced some challenges during his reign as in the last two years of his rule the Easterlings planned attacks on Gondor.  Because of the advanced technology and fortified keeps the king sent his son Tarostar who commanded his armies and was able to ward off and the Easterling threat. Ostoher ruled Gondor for 81 years and died in 492 of the Third Age in which his son Tarostar took reign of Gondor.  Tarostar, fought the Easterlings for almost a hundred years before defeating them, and after the victory renamed himself Romendacil, which means East-Victor.

The Line of Stewards Created

It was Romendacil, that created the line of Stewards for Gondor, as they were to be the men of wisdom and learning that would serve as high councilors to the king.  This bloodline of men were known as the House of Hurin, and they would later become the rulers of Gondor when the line of kings failed in 2050 of the Third Age.

Jan_Pospisil_-_Dale_units_vs._RhunAlmost 500 years of peace is what the land of Gondor saw but that was about to come to an end as the Easterlings invaded the land once again in 541 and killed Romendacil.  His son Turambar took the throne at a very young age, probably as a young teenager and avenged his fathers death.  Turambar expanded the lands of Gondor as he took his armies and conquered large parts of Rhun from the Easterlings.  This land became known as the East Land province of Gondor.  Turambar ruled Gondor for 126 years, which was the longest reign since king Meneldil.  He died in 667 of the Third Age at which his son Atanatar took reign over Gondor.

Not much is recorded of Atanatar’s reign other than it was a peacful time of Gondor.  He passed in the year 748 of the Third Age and had one son.

Siriondil took the throne after his fathers death in 748 and had two sons, Tarannon, and Tarciyan.  There were no major events recorded during his reign and was probably a continued time of peace for the land.  He ruled for 82 years and died in 830 of the Third Age.  Tarciryan took his place as the King of Gondor after his fathers death, but his brother Tarannon became the first Ship King of Gondor as he built the kingdoms great naval fleet!

Next week we will continue taking a historical look at the kings line of Gondor, and the great Ship Kings.

Until then, I’m your host Iogro Merrybelly and I bid you a fine farewell!


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