The Walking Dead – The Game – Episode 4 Around Every Corner

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WalkingDead101_2012-10-11_14-47-29-79We kick things off this week with a review on Episode 4 of the Walking Dead Game.  Around Every Corner brings a suspense to the game like no other, and sets up some amazing plot points.  This in turn made the anxiousness of finding out what happens in Episode 5 even worse.

Episode 4 picks up up right after the end of Episode 3 as you find yourself and the rest of the survivors in Savannah, ready to make way for the river to escape.  As always this episode is packed full of surprises that keep you guessing as to what will be around the next corner.

I love that all the episodes have kicked off with a foundation goal that always helps drive the story, but also gets more complicated as the chapters come through.  Episode 4 is a bit different in this case as you leave off with a big question mark in Episode 3, it’s a mysterious voice that comes over the walkie talkie you are carrying…Oddly, this voice on the other end of the walkie wasn’t the main focus of Episode 4.


The Walking Dead has been a ton of fun to play but something is different with Episode 4 as well…. though you are still playing as Lee, and building relationships with the others and taking care of Clementine…..There are more zombies than ever, and the game puts us behind Lee’s gun in a first-person perspective.  The choices that came along with that perspective really set a new tone for the game but again it feels different, like something changed that made it less emotional than the other episodes.

One of the major things that pulled the emotions out of this episode were the new cast members.  The new cast members don’t seem to have as deep of a background and story building plot as the original crew.  This episode still has some very epic challenges and big decisions you have to make, but they lacked that “Spiz-az” of the first few episodes I’ve played so far.    As always, the vocal performances are amazing, and the comic book style artistic flare they use is mind blowing.

f566718d5b4cf0387301308dbc3be17dI may not have felt as connected to the story this time around, but the story overall was still very engaging and game play was still awesome as always.  The true test of this game has been the story line and plot building as it keeps you waiting for that next moment to happen, and holds you just at the right moment.

Overall, Episode 4 has been my least favorite of the bunch so far as it didn’t have that big “WOW” factor to it.  That doesn’t mean it wasn’t an awesome episode, or that the story lacked, no, just the opposite, it’s bigger than ever.  Just like a big plot in a movie, or a massive book you will always find something you don’t like….but the good in this game dominates the bad by a long shot.  I can’t wait to play the big Finale of this chapter of the game and finish up so I can move on to Season 2.

Until next time, I bid you a fine farewell readers! tags:

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