The Walking Dead – The Game – Episode 3 The Long Road Ahead

the-walking-dead-episode-3-long-road-ahead-cfa6bde45c8f98ab66fe-midThe more I play The Walking Dead, the more I feel like being the bad guy at times…. When I started episode one, I felt like I needed to make all the good choices and be that stand-up guy for Clementine.  Starting episode two made you question whether Lee was going to be that good guy, or the protector and survivor he needed to be. Now, after finishing episode three and looking back at my choices, it really makes you question if you did the right thing, or did you make the best survivors judgement call in the split second of time they give you to mash that choice button? Faced with the toughest decisions to date, there was no question over how a choice would make Lee look or how that choice would affect the group.  This episode was so fast paced and when something happened, I personally felt a knee jerk reaction and you make that split second choice.  This is what I love about the game the most is the way it pulls the emotions into things….the situations almost bring the survivor out of you at times.

I’m a huge Walking Dead fan if you haven’t caught on yet… I love the show, the comics, the story, and overall premise of what The Walking Dead is.  The parallel between watching Rick Grimes – The main protagonist of the AMC original TV series evolves as does he evolve with each new comic, I personally get to see an ever evolving Lee Everett in the game.

111780_maxThe Long Road Ahead is the third out of five series in the game that have been released and best way I can describe this episode is “A roller coaster going a hundred miles an hour and no ones watching the controls”  Our small group get’s to see some of the most screwed up, emotional twisted moments to date in game.  This episode brings in a situation with the bandits who have nowhere else to turn now that the dairy farm is out of commission, as well as Kenny and Lilly who are still at odds, and to top everything off…..there’s a thief in the midst your little group now.

By this point, it’s safe to assume you’ve gotten really connected with these characters now and have learned a ton about them and who they really are….and probably even have some favorites that you tend to lean towards more than others. So, when the season-defining choices appear on screen, there’s an emotional roller coaster at times that come for us players and the characters we’ve grown fond of.

frame_0002Since episode one, this game and the characters in it create a very unique emotional relationship that brings the games context to a deeper level.  This episode really brings together Lee and Kenny’s relationship and you begin to see how important trust is in this game.  You also understand how important protection, and grasp the idea of who has your back and who doesn’t.

As always, this episode looks amazing with its comic-style, and the voice acting is above and beyond amazing! These two aspects of the game really bring you into the game and you just get completely lost in the story.   One great portion of this episode that brings such rich satisfaction to the story is the side adventure stories you are challenged with which becomes a huge plot of the story unlike the previous episodes.  This episode in my book has been one of the best to date, but I’m not done with the game yet and so far this has overall been on of the best games I’ve played all year. tags:

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