Bloggy Xmas Day 17: Community and The Family That Is

Here’s a big shout out to Syl over at MMO Gypsy who had this amazing idea for the Bloggy Xmas Holiday Event and has asked the “Blog-O-Sphere” to take a minute and share their stories around “Gaming and Community” which is one of my favorite topics!  Community in gaming is huge for me and that is why I’ve been so excited and anxious to get this post written and out on the site.

For me, Gaming and Community started back in the days of the Nintendo and our favorite little hero Mario…as my friends and I would have huge weekend parties full of junk food, way to much soda, and more hours of yelling, and being boys then I can even count. Now let me set the tone here and let you know that when the “NES” or Nintendo Entertainment System first came out I was only four, and no I wasn’t playing Mario at the age of four but I wasn’t much older before I got my first gaming system….which was mine and not my brothers.  My brother was a different generation as his first gaming system was the original Atari, and yes I did play it, but my big brother was a typical big brother and I only got to play it every once in a while….or if he wasn’t around….I may have snuck into his room and played it on occasion, but don’t tell him that!

Let’s fast forward a few years and breeze by the era of my “SNES, Sega Genesis, and pretty much every other gaming system you can think of” and we’ll land around the time I got my first PC that could handle gaming.  The system my brother had built for me was operated by the an Intel 486 and probably something like half a K of memory or some nonsense like that….but the first PC game I remember playing was a flight simulator….and yes I know what your probably thinking “A FLIGHT SIMULATOR?” are you kidding me?  But this game was not only fun, it’s something my friends and I had massive competitions over to see who could get the best flight times, or even complete some side missions of landing a plane.  Though this flight simulator wasn’t anything that blew your socks off on graphics or intense game play it did create community amongst a group of friends that spawned a passion for gaming, competition, and stronger friendships.

Just as all the gaming systems have changed over the years, the way we interact as gamers has dramatically changed as well!  We have so many social features at our fingertips when playing games, and whether that’s on a console system or a PC we can choose to interact over a chat message screen, or throwing on a headset and chatting with some of your “Guildies, or Kinnies” from a favorite MMO game you play.  For me, MMORPG games are what revolutionized the communities we see today as they draw players in and allow them to customize the way they play the games.  It wasn’t until I started playing LOTRO back around 2008 that I really even understood how huge the gamer communities had become.  What has come from playing games like WoW and LOTRO for years is not only a place that I can meet friends and go team up on some orcs or even 12 man up on an instance, but connect over social media, or even those groupies around the Blog-O-Sphere realm.

Community is so important in games…. as without that core foundation games would be boring for the most part as we would have no one to cheer with, or make fun of when that one guy or gal “Accidentally” pulls that huge mob over to your RAID group and wipes you all… I promise I’ve never done that.. hehe.  More importantly community goes even further than just the games we play, it reflects our character and who we are as people, and I just want to say thank you to all my gaming friends out there that I’ve had the pleasure of sharing exciting gaming moments with, or possibly some witty banter on Twitter, this year…..but most of all to my lovely bunch of LOTRO family that have formed over the past few years.  Yes, you know who you are, and I say thank you for those wonderful Google Hangout sessions we get to have throughout the week.  See, community is more then just zero’s and ones that make up a game or a social network, it’s people and their personalities and that my friends is why I love community and gaming so much…It’s all because of you!

Everyone have a lovely Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


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