Smite Thee – My Thoughts on a Refreshing Game

images (12)A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon Smite, a Free to Play MOBA that brings a breath of fresh air to gaming for me.   Smite was released in March of this year, and honestly it’s been a great spin to gaming as It’s a 3rd person view on your character which I’ve never been a big fan of but something was much different with this game.  The mechanics and game play created something that caught my attention and held it. Smite’s features and different modes really help a new player get engaged with the game play style and it was so easy to pick up on the style of play.

Smite 2013-07-10 17-59-38-53Here’s the part that really drew me to the game and held my attention, Smite builds it’s character base off of mythological backgrounds and incorporates those lines into an MOBA play style.  Almost instantly after pulling up the main menu…you are dropped into the world of mythological madness.  You get to choose the character and line you want to play…  For instance, Zeus, the lightning bolt flinging god and father of Thor… yes he is one of the god’s you can choose.  The variety of characters you can pick from was very extensive…I think overall they have a total of 70 plus characters and the models themselves are extremely detailed!

maxresdefaultThe overall game is very fast paced but also strategy based, meaning that it really regulates you to play with a team, but if your a solo charging into battle maniac, then you will love the game as well.  The first reaction I had when first seeing the game is wow this is a 3rd person RPG game.  The mechanics of this MOBA game though are very engaging and it feels natural to play.  Just a couple of down sides to the game that didn’t set well with me though…The combat of the game is so varied depending on what class you have chosen that the battle field can get a bit confusing at times if your not paying close attention.  It’s easy to lose your way in what needs to be done in the objective, and my last knock on the game is the 3rd person view really hinders your ability to navigate the maps…and it becomes quite the task to track enemy’s down.  But overall this game has been a blast to play and a refreshing look on a good old classic style of MOBA play. tags:

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  1. tsuhelm says:

    Wasn’t Odin the father of Thor?


    1. Hey Tsuhelm!

      You are completely correct… this sentence made complete sense to me while writing it and I had it in my head that Zeus was Thor’s father for some reason… Odin hadn’t even come up while writing this article. LOL. I’ll get that changed in the article, and thanks for the call out!!

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