Bringing the Traffic In

Are you looking for new ways to drive traffic to your blog?  This is always a challenge to make sure you keep people interested and coming back, but also getting new “traffic” brought in.

This is just a straight to the point top 10 list of tips and how to’s that I’ve learned from others, and picked up along the way in my journey through the blogging realm.  I hope these tips help you as they have helped me.

  1. Promote your blog posts on the major social media outlets – Including a link back to your posts can considerably increase traffic.  Check out an older post I did on using Social Media for some tips Typing Tid-Bits for Social Media”
  2. Check the Headlines – Your headlines are what get peoples attention, particularly when you share your blog posts via social media; make sure they pique interest and relate to your article.  Be Creative, but Be Wise.
  3. Join a blogging community like ProBlogger or CopyBlogger  – This is a great way to network with others,  and promote each others content.
  4. Include links to other relevant posts on your blog – When you write a post, always be sure to mention other posts your readers may find helpful; – hence tip #2 with a link back to a post I’ve already done on Social Media before.
  5. Guest post on relevant blogs – Choose wisely as to who you guest blog with, as it doesn’t do much good if you are in an unrelated field of writing.  Make sure if you contribute for guest blogging, it’s with a highly reputable site.  Remember it’s your time that’s being used, so use it wisely and get the most out of it.
  6. Optimize Your Old Posts – Take a look through all of your old content and make sure they have relevant tags, URLS, and meta descriptions.
  7. How often do you Post? Find a good number of posts that you could commit to in a week, make a schedule and try to stick to it the best you can. Posting more frequently has in most cases always yielded a positive gain for traffic on ones site.
  8. Get on YouTube – YouTube drives the most traffic out of all social media sites, or so the numbers say… usually with an average of 2.99 pages per visit.
  9. Submit your blog posts to StumbleUpon – It truly does help!
  10. Respond, Respond, Respond – Always take the time to respond thoughtfully to your audience that has left comments your blog. This helps build the relationships and helps bring commenters back to the site for more. tags:

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  1. Reblogged this on Tee's Tiny Blog and commented:
    Great tips on how to generate traffic to your blog! 🙂


    1. Thanks for the reblog 🙂

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      1. My pleasure 🙂 And I am happy to follow too! Blogger friends yayy!


      2. Likewise, it’s always nice to connect with new peeps 🙂

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  2. Awesome post!! Thank you for the wonderful tips 🙂 I’m also blogging about this subject and really enjoy connecting with others who are sharing such great info.


    1. I’m glad you liked the post and found the content useful. Thankful that people shared their tips with me along the way, so just want to make sure I pay it forward on what has worked for me. Cheers!

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  3. I agree with all the points above but the foundation of a good blog and a steady flow of traffic is quality and engaging content. Oh and giveaways 🙂


    1. Having a solid base is so key for sure… and giveaways always help 😉 Looking back at at my site and come next February it celebrates its one year annivesary…so giveaways is something I’ve been thinking about a lot, along with some writing challenges of sorts for the community. Roger always appreciate the feedback, and support 🙂


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