Have you Thought of Guest Blogging Before?

I have explored the option of guest blogging in past and have even done a bit of it myself, and over coffee yesterday with a fellow writer he asked if one should ever consider blogging/writing for others? – Great Question, as I’ve heard both sides of the story and some say yes, but others say no.  Personally I think it’s a great way to branch out in the blogging community if you know how to manage your time that is.  It’s fairly easy to write blog posts and most blogs have themes they are shooting for so it’s easy to come up with ideas.

Blogging is a hobby of mine and I have a family of five (myself, my wife, and six year old triplets) plus a full time job, so I have to do some heavy schedule adjusting at times to keep up with my hobby.  Guest blogging is no different as most of the times it probably cuts into an already busy schedule you have and that is a down side honestly, because your time is precious and being paid for that precious time is always a plus, but guest blogging or hobby blogging doesn’t bring much if any on the financial side.  What it does bring in my past experience is exposure, and if you are a new blogger exposure is always a good thing because you not only have the chance to learn, but possibly even write in areas you aren’t familiar with so it gives you a chance to expand.

Here are some ways in past I’ve used for guest blogging so if you are considering to take a gander down this path I hope these help you.

1. Think about signing up to receive newsletters that list blogs looking for writers.

  • Like the following – Blogger Link Up. (http://BloggerLinkUp.com/).  This site is one that i’ve used in past and has worked great for me.

2.  Setup a time to browse through the blogging newsletters you sign up for regularly.

  • You can spend just a few minutes browsing through the newsletters to see if anything catches your eye. These newsletters can be lifesavers if you are looking for places to write and want to save precious time and frustration being wasted on searching the web, just to find nothing.

3. Look for blogs that interest you and have a reader base you want to try and reach.

  • Whether you write articles for gaming, sports, photography, it doesn’t matter, you have to try and target the audience…as they will be the ones to take hold of what you write most.

4. Make sure the blog host allows link backs with your post.

  • If the readers can’t simply click on a link to find out more about you then you’ve accomplished nothing. You want to make yourself as easy to find as possible.

5. Follow up on the blogs where you have posted.

  • Make sure the site host actually posted your blog when they said they were going to. If they are dependable you can always choose to guest post once again. If they are not dependable, don’t bother with them anymore.


6. Thank the blog host for allowing you to write for them.

  • Maybe that blog host will one day write a review and post it for you.  Use social media when they post back to your blog to let others know about it.  Help grow that relationship and mutually work for one another in growing each others site.



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