Blogging with a Schedule

Hey all you fellow bloggers and writers!  If you all are like me you have a crazy busy schedule and probably struggle finding time to post.  Though I’ve been blogging for six or so years now…time is the one thing I just can’t get more of.  It took me quite a long time to get a system down of when I wanted to post, what content I wanted to do, and that system isn’t perfect by any means but it sure does help.  I’m hoping my little system might help you as well.

It takes a lot of hard work to develop something creative that you love doing, even if it’s just a hobby, you wouldn’t be doing it if you didn’t love it…or I wouldn’t at least.  I have enjoyed writing since childhood and that same passion and love continues today.  Though i’m not a published author, that is a goal I’m currently working towards so for now bogging is a way for me to creatively express the crazy floating around in my head.  I don’t see that I would ever stop blogging as it’s just plain fun and a great challenge to come up with the next “Best Thing” that someone will find entertaining.

Hopefully this post will help you outline some ways to condense the long hard efforts you put into your blog and make them easier.

#1 What Content and How much.

First up is figuring out exactly how much content you want to produce in a specific amount of of time…if you have an idea of what that will be that is. Say you are a daily poster and you have multiple topics.  That is a lot of content to be creating…say the “Month” you are supposed to post.   Preset yourself a bit and plan out what you want the previous month so you give yourself a lead time to get that material together. This way you aren’t being overloaded and playing catch up everyday.  I’m a weekly poster just because that is all my schedule will allow right now, so plan accordingly for yourself and you will have a lot more fun doing this.


#2 Categories, Categories.

Now that you know how many posts you need to write, come up with some working categories so you have a good idea of what ideas you are going to be working with.  Pinpoint what you want to write about and keep those categories current so that multiple topics can be posted to one category.  If you only have a certain amount of posts you can publish in one month, you have to be selective with what you spend your time on. That means some ideas go to the chopping block or get put away for another time.

I try to keep a log of topics that I want to write about…which this helps me know how often I need to write and when I need to publish to meet that weekly timeline I’ve set for myself.

#3: Challenge The Organization Skills.

Now that you have your ideas formed and categories made, you may be wondering how on earth am I going to get all this organized and finished like I want.

Organization, Organization, Organization.

Instead of just handing out blog posts like they are candy, you might want to take inventory and see if you’ve got to much at one time for the timeline you can effectively meet.  Couple of things to think about when you take inventory is…

  • Research: How much time do I need for researching my topic of choice?  Will it take a considerable amount of time, or is this something I’ve already got jotted down on my paper and it’s prepped. This step can save you a ton of time and frustration if you will ask yourself.
  • Content and Format: Some posts are more difficult to write than others. This can be a huge frustration if not planned out well as you can spend hours getting things formatted, planned, and ready.  Check to see the order of topics you are writing about cause if you have some really heavy research articles all in a row, it can be challenging to meet that posting schedule.


#4 Don’t forget to Review and Schedule.

Once you’ve completed your day or days of writing, don’t forget to review them and schedule them out. It’s always nice to have things pre-planned and scheduled on your blog.  You put a lot of hard work into writing this content and now that your brain is taking a rest make sure the posts get a good scrubbing review, then get them scheduled for when you want, rinse, and then repeat all four steps for next time as well.


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