A Wizard For Himself

Hail and Well Met Friends!

This week we continue in our series of the Villains of Middle-earth and take a look into the history of a great evil. Everyone enjoy…

f4d1c498e482e7af57cedf42515247e0The Great White Wizard

His name in Quenya was Curumo or as the Elves called him Curunir in the Sindarin language was an Istari, or wizard, who lived in Middle-earth during the Third Age. Saruman was the first of the five Wizards to arrive in Middle-earth. He was said to be the eldest of the order, and Gandalf acknowledged him as the chief of the Istari. Many feared the White Wizard; even Sauron himself.  Saurman made his dwelling in the great fortress of Orthanc in Isengard.

He passionately studied the arts of Sauron, but he soon became enamored of Sauron’s devices, especially the One Ring.  Saruman betrayed himself, and his mission, and sought the power of the Ring for himself. He initially advocated an alliance with Sauron, but he soon betrayed Sauron as well, as his ultimate goal was to defeat Sauron and rule Middle-earth for himself. But his plans came to an abrupt end, and his power was broken in the Battle of the Hornburg and of Isengard.

downloadChief of the Wizards

Saruman, before his fall, was the chief of both the wizards and of the White Council which opposed Sauron and his doings. Sarumans knowledge and skill, especially of Sauron’s devices, was said to be great (the name “Saruman” means “man of skill”). However, his deep study of the One Ring and Sauron’s other magic corrupted him, and his lust for power led to his downfall. He is one of the few characters in Middle-earth who is morally “grey” – serving neither good nor evil. He betrays both sides and ultimately works for his own ends.

Saruman was a Maia known as a servant of the powerful and high-ranked Vala Aule – just as Sauron had once been. In Valinor, the land of the Valar, a council was called by Manwe, leader of the Valar, shortly after Sauron’s defeat by the Last Alliance of Elves and Men. Though Sauron was overthrown, it would later turn out that he had not been effectively vanquished and his shadow began to fall upon Middle-earth a second time. It was decided to send five emissaries to Middle-earth. These should be the mighty peers of Sauron, yet they were to forgo might, and clothe themselves in flesh, as they were intended to help Men and Elves unite against Sauron, but the wizards were forbidden from matching the Dark Lord in power and fear.

5-WizardsThe other four who were chosen were Aiwendil or best known as (Radagast), Alatar and Pallando (the Blue Wizards), and Olorin or as most fans know him as (Gandalf).  Curumo or (Saruman) was appointed overall leader of the group.

Though this week was a short story, keep on the watch as we will continue our look into the history of Saruman these next few weeks.

Until next time, I’m your host Iogro Merrybelly and I bid you a fine farewell!




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