Sauron’s Deadly Servant – Part Three

Hail and well met everyone!

Last week we left off with the Nazgul fleeing to Mordor and Sauron preparing for his final battle against the Free Peoples of Middle Earth.

Gondor_Civil_War2The Siege at Gondor

The final Battle of Osgiliath came swiftly on 3019 in the Spring of the Third Age against Faramir and his rangers. Faramir’s forces could not hold the Orc hordes under the control of Gothmog. Faramir pulled his forces back to Minas Tirith with the Nazgul chasing them, they lost many of their forces in the retreat.  Faramir went out with his rangers for a second time, and from that assault only Faramir returned to Minas Tirith gravely wounded. With Gondor’s defeat at Osgiliath, nothing stood in the way of Sauron’s ambitions of destroying Minas Tirith and the Free People’s hopes.

inspiration-of-medieval-language-and-literature-good-vs-evil-in-tolkiens-rotk-22the-witch-king-of-angmar-minas-tirith22-john-howeJust two days later, Orcs, Haradrim, and Easterling forces numbering over 200,000 marched on the gates of Minas Tirith.  Sauron had now bestowed the Witch-king with new found strength, making his appearance on a black horse, and presence casting a shadow of utter fear upon anyone he met.  Speaking in some forgotten tongue, he enhances the power of Grond, and weakens the already damaged gate of Minas Tirith. The ram breaks open the gate, and the defenders inside flee from pure terror of his presence. However, his march is hindered by Gandalf, the only one able to withstand his power. There is a duel of words between them, and the Witch-king tilts his hood revealing a crown on empty air, mocking Gandalf and bidding him to die, the Witch-king draws his black blade but Gandalf holds firm, ready to do battle.  Before the two clash with one another, the horns of Rohan sound, signaling the arrival of aid. The Witch-king then withdraws to order the defence against this new threat.

EowynDeath of The Servant

The Witch-king mounted his Fell beast and rallied his troops against the furious charge of the Rohirrim. The army of Rohan slowed the initial charge blunted by their encounter with the Mumakil, allowing the hosts of Mordor to re-organize.  In that time, The Witch-king took this opportunity to strike down King Theoden while his troops were in confusion. Flying on the back of his fell beast, he advanced upon Theoden. The Rohirrim horses panicked as his beast attacked. Theoden’s horse, Snowmane, became frightened, was struck by a black dart and fell upon Theoden pinning him.

As the Witch-king hovered over Theoden, Eowyn and the hobbit Merry stood in his way ready to protect the king with all they had.

Eowyn demanded the foul creature be gone and to leave the dead in peace! The Witch-king spoke that no one comes between a Nazgul and his prey and that no living man may defeat me.  Eowyn said you do not look upon a man but upon a woman.  I am Eowyn the daughter of Eomund and in a single strike with her sword she severed the neck of the Fell Beast.  The Witch-king arose, and with a cry of hatred he shattered her shield and broke her left arm with his mace.  As he towered over her ready to delivery his death blow, Merry stabbed the Witch-king with his black blade.  While distracted, Eowyn drove her sword into the head of the wraith destroying him.

The prophesy of Glorfindel so many centuries before had come to pass. For not by the hand of man had he failed, but by those of a hobbit and a woman. Now, with his death, the tide of the battle had changed, and ultimately the outcome of the War. No more than ten days later, Sauron himself was finally defeated when the One Ring was cast back into the fires of Mount Doom and all his power unmade.

Though we are finished with the series on the Witch-king stay tuned as we continue our journey through the great villians of Middle Earth.

Until next time I’m your host Iogro Merrybelly and I bid you a fine farewell.


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