Writers Block!

Today I’ve been free writing due to having so many ideas floating around in my head I wanted to write about.  Free writing is something I’ll mention a bit lower down in this post.  Today has been very creative and I’ve gotten a lot accomplished from a writers/bloggers point of view.  But in the same sense just last week I had a “bloggers block” like you wouldn’t believe.  Being creative and bringing new ideas to the table when a bloggers/writers block happens is like fishing for that prized deep see marlin in the local pond….you just aren’t going to catch what you want.  Below are just a few ways I like to get out of that writing funk and I hope they help you as well.

?????????????????????????????????Change your Environment

Step away from the computer is what I have to tell myself!

If I run out of ideas and inspiration which happens pretty frequently as my mind wonders so easy, I like to get out of the house for a bit.  I find that when my environment changes the ideas start spawning again.  Their is a wonderful Art Museum where I live called Crystal Bridges that my family and I love to visit which is one place I go for an environment change. It’s a great place to people watch, grab a coffee, or just go and walk around and honestly not really think about anything.  Low and behold when I do this, I usually get back on track for ideas on what I was writing or get new ideas for things in the future I want to write about.

Getting away from your computer and blog can definitely help but so can blogging from a different location.  About once a month I will write in a new location just to keep things different and not get stuck in a rut.

  • Coffee Shops  – I have multiple coffee shops in my area that I visit quite frequently.  Some have free WiFi, and some don’t.  I like going to both, but I choose to go to places that don’t have free WiFi for a reason.  It forces me to remember how to write with a pen and paper.  I try to always keep a journal and a pen handy just for this occasion.
  • Public Libraries – I went to our public library for a couple of weeks straight as it gave me a new perspective on writing.  So much information to read and it’s all at your fingertips to read.  Ideas came by the truck loads on what to write about.
  • Multiple locations in your house – I am not really a creature of habit, but a creature of randomness but my wife says I have writing habits while at the house.  If I am home and want to write I usually start in the kitchen with a cup of coffee and a laptop staring me in the face.  If nothing works there, it’s on to my office, then the living room couch, and last is usually the patio furniture.  This is a constant changing environment within a personal space….wireless is great isn’t it.

Change up your environment and see what wonders it does for the writing block and hopefully a new perspective it brings for your creative skills.


hard_black_collection_1Keep a Journal

I have little Moleskine notebooks laying around everywhere it seems filled with ideas.  I use it for those random thoughts that pop in that may one day turn into something I use for writing a piece on the blog.

Journals are great as they are great for popping those random things I think about all day long.  These become a creation of ‘to do’ lists for me…though some of my thoughts i’ve jotted down are just unused creative ideas that I never get around to doing anything with..

It’s often when reading through my journals that an idea hits me in the face. It’s usually days, weeks, even months after an idea is written down that it seems to come to life at times.  Perfect example is on a book i’m writing….I went back through an old idea log I was keeping on character creation and “BAM” why didn’t I see this before moment hit me!



right-brain-free-writeFree Writing

Remember in the top portion of this blog…I said I would talk about “Free Writing” which is what writers call – writing when the idea pops into your head.  This is the hardest style of writing for me as I have a hard time staying focused long enough to remember why I started writing.

I do this every once in a while just to see what pops out of my brain honestly, plus it really does help the creative come to life.  Forcing myself to write has been a great tool as it challenges my randomness and keeps my brain challenged to create a story.

It’s amazing to see what comes from this type of writing….there have been times I’ll start writing on a topic and it flows great, and others seem to go no where.  It’s a fun challenge to take and it truly will make you a better writer.



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