Tribute to Dol-Amroth

Hail and well met friends!

Since the release of Western Gondor on Lord of the Rings Online, I thought it fitting to give a tribute to Dol-Amroth since it’s one of the great cities we are now able to gaze upon in our journey within the game.

images (2)City of Dol-Amroth

Let’s take a quick look at some history of this great city and where it formed.  We’ll start with Imrazor the Numenorean who moved to Edhellond According to tradition,  he married Mithrellas, a Silvan Elf of Lorien who bore a son which they named Galador.  After Imrazor’s death, his son Galador went on to found the city and later the princedom of Dol-Amroth.  Galador is counted the first lord of Dol-Amroth though the specific date of its foundation is nowhere recounted

373e5f204898613396a34130d2806d21The city of Dol-Amroth was built south of Edhellond at the inlet of Cobas Haven which was in the Bay of Belfalas. In the north of the city was built the Seaward Tower of Tirith Aear. The banner of the city was a silver swan, which were also seen on the battle banners carried by the knights during the Battle of Pelennor Fields.

The lands of Dol-Amroth were also known as Dor-en Ernil, which Galador’s father Imrazor lived and ruled.  It was also named the ‘Lands of the Prince’ which Galador inherited when he founded princedom over Dol-Amroth.

The first settlers of the area were Sindar from Beleriand and the people of Dol-Amroth were tall, grey-eyed, and dark-haired. They were famous for their abilities as the most skilled harp players in all of Gondor, who also played at the coronation of Aragorn. The inhabitants of Dol Amroth and in the lands nearby were some of the few people of Gondor who spoke Sindarin as a main language.


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