The Nazgul – Part Three


The Last time we left off we had just seen the Nazgul defeated at the Ford of Bruinen as they were pursuing Frodo to Rivendell.  Washed away and forced to flee we now regroup to see the fate that unfolds for the Nazgul and our final episode on them.

tumblr_lp8vvfyy4h1qg8i80o1_1280Fleeing to Mordor

Returning to Mordor in complete failure, the Nazgul were forced to abandon their hunt for the Ring.  The Nine received Fell Beasts as their new mounts which replaced the horses they had lost at the Ford of Bruinen.  Battle ready once again with their new mounts, the nine attacked the city of Osgiliath with an army of Orcs and swiftly held this location.



The Battle of Pelennor Fields

After this, they made way for the assault on Minas Tirith.  Sauron once again unleashed his deadliest servant The Witch-king to lead his forces at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.  During the battle, the Witch-king confronted Gandalf the White when attempting to enter the city.  Before the Witch-King could engage the great wizard, the forces of Rohan arrived. The Witch-king fled attacking Gandalf immediately to deal with the new threat against his masters forces.  The Witch-King turned his focus upon King Theoden on the battlefield.  As Theoden was crushed by his horse, the Witch King prepared to finish him off but Eowyn and Meriadoc Brandybuck rode out on the battlefield before the Witch King and Theoden’s niece confronted Saurons deadly servant.


Cory Godbey Death of the Witch-King

Engaging the Witch-King in battle, Eowyn killed the Fell beast. The Witch-King, however, was unaffected by this and attacked Eowyn with his mace.  After breaking her arm, the Witch-King readied the killing blow, but Meriadoc stabbed him in the leg from behind with his Barrow-blade.  Injured, and now off-guard the Witch-king screamed in pain.  Eowyn standing with no fear stabbed her sword into the Witch King’s crown and body killing the lord of the Nazgul and fulfilling the prophecy of Glorfindel.


images (1)The Fate of the Remaining

During Battle of the Morannon the remaining eight Nazgul, mounted on Fell beasts, attacked the Army of the West. The Nazgul were confronted by the Eagles, led by Gwaihir. During this time Frodo claimed the Ring near the fires of Mount Doom.  Sauron becoming immediately aware of Frodo, as well as his own folly. Enraged and frantic, Sauron ordered the Nazgul to capture the ring from Frodo.  However, the Nazgul failed; the Ring was cast into the fires of Mount Doom when Gollum bit Frodo’s finger and fell into the Cracks of Doom, with the ring.  Sauron was defeated by the loss of the Ring, and Mount Doom exploded with gigantic volcanic eruptions engulfing all eight of the remaining Nazgul destroying them, their form, and power dissipating forever.

Though this wraps up our series on the Nazgul and the lore behind them it sets us up for our next episode of the Shirelings Weekly Bugle.  Until next time; I am your host Iogro Merrybelly and I bid you a farewell.



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