The Nazgul – Part Two


Back in action this week and when we left off last time we had just seen the return of the nine in the Third Age.  This week we pick up with the Nazgul in search for the One Ring.


NazgulFinalBLOGThe Hunt for the One Ring

Near the beginning of the War of the Ring in 3018, Gollum, who once had the Ring in his posession, was captured and tortured in Mordor.  This lead Gandalf to think the Enemy had now heard and learned of hobbits, the Shire, and even the name Baggins.  He was absolutely correct and knew the Ring Wraiths would soon be on the doorsteps of The Shire looking for the Ring.  Gandalf knew the only thing to do was advise Frodo to leave the Shire and make for Rivendell, taking the Ring with him.

When the Nine entered the Shire, they learned the Ring was in the possession of Bilbo Baggins’ nephew, Frodo Baggins.  While searching for Frodo, one of the Nine, Khamûl the Easterling, had his first encounter with him.  As Frodo and his friends, Sam, Merry and Pippin, took Bucklebury ferry to reach Crickhollow, The Wraith Khamûl, who had missed them at the ferry, was forced to go around to the Brandywine Bridge. Shortly after this, the Nine arrived at Frodo’s new home in Crickhollow.

Though Frodo had already left for Bree by the time the Nine arrived, they were soon given information regarding Frodo’s whereabouts by Bill Ferny, a spy of Saruman.  This being the cause of the Nazgûl attacking Bree, where Frodo was awaiting Gandalf.  However, during the time it took the Nazgûl to reach Bree, Frodo and his friends were hidden away by Aragorn for protection against the Nazgul.

tumblr_lk49n0SoPE1qj19qpo1_500The Journey and Battle at Weathertop

Unable to find the Hobbits, the Nine left Bree, and several days later they encountered Gandalf at Weathertop who was searching the area while on his way to Rivendell to meet up with Frodo.  This lead to a massive battle between Gandalf and The Nine which Gandalf escaped but four of the Wraiths pursued him.  The other five Wraiths remained near Weathertop.  Several days later,  Frodo and his group made camp at the base of the ruins of Amon Sul.

Discovering them, the five Nazgûl attacked and as they confronted the four Hobbits, Frodo put on the Ring and attempted to resist the Nazgûl. The Nazgûl leader The Witch King of Angmar stabbed Frodo with a Morgul-blade.  Aragorn arrived and was able to drive off the Nazgûl with fire.  Aragorn realizing Frodo didn’t have long to live he knew they needed help and that the Nazgul would be back.

flighttothefordCrossing The Ford of Bruinen

The Nazgûl, now regrouped continued the pursuit of Frodo and his company. They caught up with Frodo who was riding the horse of Glorfindel and making his way to Rivendell.  The Nine chasing Frodo to the Ford of Bruinen demanded Frodo hand over the Ring.  Frodo refused and defied them, the Nazgûl began crossing the river to take the Ring.  However, the water, enchanted by Elrond and Gandalf, formed a great wave and swept the Nine away, killing their horses.

Lacking the means to successfully attack Rivendell, where Frodo and his companions took refuge, the Nazgûl were forced to retreat to Mordor on foot and stop their hunt for the Ring.

We are getting close to wrapping this series up as next week we will take a final look into the demise and fall of the Nazgul.

Until next time.


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