Heavyweights Clash – PC vs. Console Gaming


Are you a gamer?  Do you prefer pc, consoles, or both?  If you look at the console giants with Playstation 4 and Xbox One the ultimate debate still exists of which one is better?  I believe you will always have the hardcore brand loyalty enthusiasts when it comes to the console gamers.  On that same debate there are some who believe that consoles will never own the future of gaming as the PC gaming systems will always be in the lead.  I think time will only tell.

This is a hard debate due to the pure nature of all the systems and what they bring to the table as a PC gaming system has some advantages, but so does a console.  It’s a tough line to dissect as it comes down to personal preference most of the time.  I love both console systems and PCs but the console systems to me bring a more enjoyable gaming platform for building community.  Consoles breathe ease of access, connecting with friends, new players, and solo play.  PC’s are a tad limited to the in-game community and experience you get with friends.  Not to say it doesn’t exist but that it’s different and more difficult to achieve in my opinion.

Again, these two worlds of gaming are both giants in their own aspects and they dominate the markets in the areas they are good at.  So what’s one of the biggest differences you see in PC vs. Console?  It’s “The Guts” your hardware inside and what makes the systems perform.  PC’s a lot of the times will have the latest and greatest graphics, RAM, HD’s and other top notch gadgets to make your gaming experience awesome.  This usually comes with a top notch cost as well.  Think of that new game that was just released for the PC…you’ve been following the development, watching, and waiting for the release.  It finally arrives and low and behold your ultimate PC system or what you thought was good enough barely runs this new blockbuster.  Now what?  Is it time for an upgrade or possibly a new machine?  When looking at a console system, that new blockbuster game is designed specifically for the system you have.  If you go buy the newest game for the Xbox One or PS4 it works right?

There’s not a lot of additional expense in owning a console system.  If gamers are willing to pay the price of having the ultimate PC gaming systems that could handle anything possible then more power to them.  Games for PC’s are usually a bit cheaper as they can be digital content only and directly downloaded from a website.  Still when you think of hardware the machine has to handle the specs of the game so it can still take a chunk of change if upgrades are needed. Consoles on the other hand tend to be a little more forgiving on the wallet due to the fact that upgrades aren’t needed to play new games.

When I think of gaming I think of the word fun, stress relief, community, and endless gloating banter back and forth with friends.  The digital game world of PC and Console has allowed us to become a multi-functional gamer.  The developers of these games have opened up the world of multi-player to so many new levels.  Interacting with other gamers, friends, and being involved to more than just playing a game.  Bringing conversations to the table, learning new ways to play, and being able to interact in new ways is something that is always being tweaked for both PC’s and Console systems.  PC games are a bit more limited to in-game chat or maybe a MMO game that allows you to go raid with a few other people but console systems especially the new generations have opened up technology like the Kinect for motion sensing, the Wii U and its tablet devices, or even the social media features the PS4 controller has integrated.

This new technology that consoles are using helps bring players into those quick group invites, just shoot your friends an invite and you are online in a group. Maybe just plug in another controller and have a multi-player match right on the same machine…quick and easy.  PC’s are a bit harder to get that sense of interaction with a group especially if you want to do a LAN party.  You can’t just plug into one PC and get started as everyone has to bring their own hardware, have plenty of power to run all the systems, enough network ports for people to plug into, and then you’re still only playing on one machine….”Yours” So again the LAN party thing doesn’t really bring the same group play interaction to the table as a console party would.  Each has its own unique benefits and challenges and offers a large variety to whatever game style you prefer.

Whether you are an avid PC gamer and are always looking for the best in class and newest gear, or you are a console brand loyal maniac, or even a casual stroll through whichever system you seem to be sitting at for the moment type gamer, these are some amazing worlds to explore.  Whichever you prefer…enjoy it, explore it, and have fun while doing it.

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